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Samantha Named January Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022

January Advocate of the Month

Samantha has been an advocate in many roles, working as a hotline worker for assault victims in Denver, and as a hospital advocate. She has always wanted to foster or support children in the court system, and took the opportunity to join CASA in 2021.

              Samantha is currently advocating for two siblings who were placed with family after one of the guardians was found to be abusing substances. For a short period they were returned home, but were ultimately removed again and placed with other family members. She has worked closely with the entire family as the case has progressed, and has also helped establish trust between the family and the legal team and helped in making sure they all learned to communicate effectively, encouraging the family to reach out and update the legal team when needed.

Samantha has enjoyed getting to know the kids and seeing them open up, taking them to the park and outings to “hang out” and let them share what’s on their mind. Since the case started, she has noticed them sharing more about their feelings about their family and how they want the case to go. They both have begun to thrive in their new placement, and are improving in school. At this point in the case, while the parents have not met the necessary requirements to provide a safe environment for the children, Samantha is confident the current family involved can be the permanent, loving home the children need.

Samantha’s case can show just how vital CASA Volunteers can be in facilitating support and fostering connection within cases. We thank her for work for our organization and the children we serve!

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