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Justine Robert Named December Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020

Justine joined CASA in March and immediately jumped onto a case with a young boy who was a victim of Munchausen by proxy. The mother had been taking him to different doctors his whole life with supposed ailments, reactions, and more. Subsequently, he had been subjected to significant amounts of unnecessary medications and had been put on a feeding tube. A hospital put him through an observed medical “school” for youths and observed he did not have any of the health concerns his mother claimed he had. He was placed in the hospital to safely take him off of his many medications, and he was removed from his home.


Justine came onto the case wanting to be a source of companionship and support for the youth, and has been an integral part in his transition into his new life free from his perceived sicknesses.


“He didn’t know how to be normal kid- he never went outside, he never had food since he had a feeding tube. I helped stress that he wasn’t sick, and you could see his state of mind shift.”


When he got his feeding tube out, Justine would bring him new foods like corndogs and frosties. Justine also takes him on walks, to play soccer, and holds regular video chats.


“He likes to teach me things- about animals, about friendship, and you see he is a completely normal kid. When he got his feeding tube out he was so proud he wanted to have a photo shoot.”


Justine goes above and beyond in her effort to teach the youth in return; he has been in foster care and will likely be going into kinship care with his half-brother, and she has been helping him adjust to having other kids around, showing him how to make friends, and how to build confidence.


We are so happy to see yet another amazing example of the difference a CASA Volunteer can make in the life of a child. Thank you, Justine, and congratulations on being chosen for December Volunteer of the Month!

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