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Janise Named March Advocate of the Month

Thursday, Mar 31, 2022


March Advocate of the Month

Janise joined CASA as an Advocate just 9 months ago but jumped in with both feet, and is currently advocating for two young children. Their case was opened after they witnessed domestic abuse. After an escalated incident left the children further traumatized, the father was placed in jail and they moved into their extended family’s home alongside their mother. When Janise was appointed to the case, she immediately began regular visits to get to know the children and learn how best she could advocate for them. Janise saw right away the children were intelligent, kind, and considerate, and began to form a wonderful relationship with them.


“It’s been my privilege to work with these intelligent young children. They are incredible.”


Janise has enjoyed getting to know the children through activities like board games, and has taken them on outings like to the Butterfly Pavilion and the Denver Pavilion during the Holidays. Today, there is never a visit the children don’t run to greet her with a big hug.


Despite the challenges happening with the case, the children continued to excel in school, and Janise worked with the caregiver to get the older child in the gifted program in her school. While the children still struggled with some emotions dealing with their trauma, they made sure to share with Janise how they were feeling, and relay what they wanted to tell the Judge. Janise always makes sure to include pictures of their outings for the judge on the case, and has been commended by her legal team for her involvement in the children’s lives.


The case is nearing closure, with the children’s mother working hard to regain custody, and with the support of her family and legal team, Janise is confident she can succeed.

As her first case, Janise has appreciated seeing the difference CASAs can truly make on a case, and the unique support she can provide to these children.

“So much about being a CASA has already made a difference. These kids made a difference to my life and I am literally told what a difference I’ve made in their lives.”

We thank Janise for sharing her inspiring story of how she has made a difference in the lives of the children she serves. Congratulations on being chosen for our March Volunteer of the Month!

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