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Beth Jubera Named May Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Beth joined CASA last September. She advocates for 3 children who were removed from the home after the mother was found to be struggling with substance abuse. The children were placed with a relative, who has provided a loving and safe home during the case. As the children were placed in therapy and had regular visits with the legal team to discuss their tough situation, Beth saw the value she could bring to the case being a positive and reliable presence, and strives to provide an outlet for the kids to be kids. She takes them on regular visits to the park to play, on trips like to the Butterfly Pavilion, and was thrilled when she was invited to attend the youngest’s birthday party at Skate City.

Beth’s Advocate Supervisor, Suhad, says, “That’s one thing that stands out, how active she is with the children. She isn’t just advocating for them in court, she is fun and plays, she’s great!”

Beth also put a huge educational emphasis in her advocacy, checking in with teachers to monitor the children’s progress, relaying needed updates about the case, and getting the kids excited about school. The children now enjoy showing her their projects, even waiting for her at the door once to show a science project they were proud of.

While the case has met initial barriers with reunification, Beth has seen the children make strides in their behavior and how they have grown to cope with the case, how to handle their anger, and how to trust again.

Beth noted how important training was for her to see the importance of managing expectations and understanding how just as important as where the case is going, or where a case might get stuck, is the difference you can make in the daily life of a child. As Beth’s first case, she stresses how important it is to be there for the children on a case, and how much of a difference you can make just by showing up.

“At swearing-in I heard someone’s advice to never be late, to never let these kids down, and I took that to heart. I won’t let these kids down, you can’t, it’s so important for them to know they have someone to be reliable.”

We thank Beth for showing how a CASA not only provides advocacy to make a difference for a child’s future, but can provide support every step of the way for a child in need. Congratulations on being our May Volunteer of the Month!

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